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A love letter

There are a docket of posts I should be writing–the continuation of the Japan trip that I’ve been poking lethargically at for two years, an update on how I’m acclimating to being repeatedly, figuratively, kicked in the teeth the New York life.

That it’s Great Comet at the forefront of my mind should come as no surprise to anyone who’s had the [mis]fortune of having to endure any amount of conversation with me in the last few months especially (that faraway smile, those misty blinks). I wrote very briefly about my first time seeing the show in my last post, but in the months since I’ve, ummm, made up for lost time? (The number isn’t important, unless you want me to replicate 😬 <– that face). I’m not entirely sure what I’m getting at by writing this—my feelings about this singular show and the people who have worked over the years to realize it are clear, whether I’ve expressed them in private or if you want to cobble together all the effusive babble on my social media platforms.

Maybe it was the tumult around the production—of which there have been sound voices and hot takes aplenty—barbed and twisting around my gut, guiding my hand now. I’m not informed enough to speak on the issues with any objectivity, nor do I think it’s my place to add anything to the conversation that hasn’t already been said. What I can do (and have already done on an individual basis) is show some love to a company and a show that didn’t deserve to be crucified in the midst of all of that.

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Dear city I live in

I woke the other day and made miso oatmeal, stirred through with honey and roasted pistachios. Correction: I finished making miso oatmeal–most of the labor had been done the night before and I had slapped a “Julia’s Oatmeal, please leave here :)’ post-it on the pot lid… Read More


Happy New Year, dear readers and friends! [she says–borderline aggressively–while giving 2016 a final boot into its nameless grave] I spent New Year’s Eve with an at-home hotpot session: six of us bumping elbows around the coffee table in our living room (the dining table had… Read More

December 2nd

The other week, one of my oldest friends in this life (16 years!) mentioned to my other friend (of equal oldness) how she gauges how things are going by how often I go between new posts. She was casual about it; I laughed sheepishly and… Read More