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What I know of stillness (Day 2, Part 1)

It hasn’t been lost on me that it’s been over a year since this very Japan trip I’m taking my leisurely time to jot down. You can let fly your figurative tomatoes–I probably deserve them (besides, I’ve been meaning to try my hand at shakshuka, so if you could lob some good ripe ones in my direction it’ll save me a trip to the grocery store).

I have been feeling very February lately, regardless of the fact that it’s gonna be May–the dregs of January still sit heavy at the bottom of these warming days. That is to say I am all static and haze–the kind of restless you can still feel long after you’ve tried shaking it off (think pond weeds, or the dance you did as a child when you were poking around in the garden and accidentally touched an earthworm). But I’m putting my hopes on the softness and warmth still to come (metaphorically and not so much temperature-wise)–I need to believe that.

(And I hope you believe it too, wherever you are in the world, if you need it. We’ll believe together, if you’re in need of a buddy for this kind of thing.)

Anywho, back to our erratically scheduled, will-I-ever-find-consistency-for-this-series Japan trip!

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On figs and not forgetting

There was death in Fes. And figs. It was the summer of 2013 and one moment I was sidestepping a mule moving crates of soda down another of Fes al Bali’s innumerable labyrinthine streets (one of Fes’ medinas–the typically walled “old city” characteristic to many North African cities–and thought… Read More

Fast and loose

Is definitely not what I’d title my autobiography/biopic–“sloth-like and quivery”, maybe, or “confused–yes–gentle, too” more like. This post, though? It’s a quick one (with a present at the end to help you recover from the holiday season hullaballoo) because we all have enough to manage at this time of the… Read More

Violet Bakery

A very Violet weekend

Thanksgiving was a bust. Okay, “bust” is a little too harsh a word seeing as I wasn’t expecting an evening that boomed either, but it was wholly uneventful. Steamed chicken rice and water spinach (ong choy) with the family and a visiting uncle, eaten too quickly… Read More