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December 2nd

The other week, one of my oldest friends in this life (16 years!) mentioned to my other friend (of equal oldness) how she gauges how things are going by how often I go between new posts. She was casual about it; I laughed sheepishly and was just north of mortified.

Stan’s* telling me they need to get a better gauge, but ehhhhhhhh Stan’s not altogether the problem here; going full hermit the past x months/years, however… well.

1. I’m still here, though my posting habits suggest otherwise! After many months of tolerating my ancient laptop’s final hitching coughs to its end, I finally have a new computer–I’d forgotten what it was like for pages to load at normal speeds! Not to mention the lack of the fan’s desperate wheezing! And no more spontaneous restarts! So I am back in more certain terms–you’ll know explicitly if I decide not to be.

2. Last week I had the giddy pleasure of seeing Trevor Noah with my own eyeballs at the Theatre at the Ace Hotel in Downtown L.A., where he sat down with a L.A. Times staff writer to chat about his debut collection of essays, Born a Crime. I wasn’t clear at first whether it would be stand-up or a more open discussion; I’m very glad it went the way of the latter. I had no doubts about the clip his brain operates at, but to see that cutting brilliance and sincerity in real time was remarkable–a pinprick of light shining through the post-election grief of this past month.

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On figs and not forgetting

There was death in Fes. And figs. It was the summer of 2013 and one moment I was sidestepping a mule moving crates of soda down another of Fes al Bali’s innumerable labyrinthine streets (one of Fes’ medinas–the typically walled “old city” characteristic to many North African cities–and thought… Read More

Fast and loose

Is definitely not what I’d title my autobiography/biopic–“sloth-like and quivery”, maybe, or “confused–yes–gentle, too” more like. This post, though? It’s a quick one (with a present at the end to help you recover from the holiday season hullaballoo) because we all have enough to manage at this time of the… Read More