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Sundays are for soy milk

I understand the gossamer sad something that comes with Sundays now, as evidenced by the fact that this is posting on a Monday morning, when I am wading heavily through molasses thoughts and my body still needs rousing from halcyon weekend hours. Last week I… Read More

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Postcards from Japan, Day 1 | Tokyo → Kyoto

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14 hours, 6 asleep

It was raining. After the concentrated sea of human and automotive traffic that had defined my time in China and Hong Kong, there was a certain strangeness (albeit a welcome one) to descending into the flat, pastoral landscape of Narita International Airport on February 7th. Aside from the… Read More

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One Night in [Mong] Kok…

And I was strongly considering a stint in the monastic life, not so much with making the world my oyster. This past January, my mum and I were in China for just shy of two weeks, the first and technically, primary stop of our three weeks abroad (truth be told,… Read More