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Happy New Year, dear readers and friends! [she says–borderline aggressively–while giving 2016 a final boot into its nameless grave] I spent New Year’s Eve with an at-home hotpot session: six of us bumping elbows around the coffee table in our living room (the dining table had… Read More

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December 2nd

The other week, one of my oldest friends in this life (16 years!) mentioned to my other friend (of equal oldness) how she gauges how things are going by how often I go between new posts. She was casual about it; I laughed sheepishly and… Read More

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Fast and loose

Is definitely not what I’d title my autobiography/biopic–“sloth-like and quivery”, maybe, or “confused–yes–gentle, too” more like. This post, though? It’s a quick one (with a present at the end to help you recover from the holiday season hullaballoo) because we all have enough to manage at this time of the… Read More

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An Ode to Toast

I‘ve failed you. I’m only three posts in on this brave new world and I’ve already dropped the ball; I made a fleeting mention of something too ridiculous not to share and hoped you wouldn’t notice. A certain literal toast poem. Published in the Spring 2011… Read More

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Yes, yes… hello?

[taps receiver, the fizzle and pop of static] Is this thing even on? Oh–you startled me! And maybe it’s just as well that you’re here because this, my friend, is our beginning. Though I must come clean: this has been a bit of a wiggly beginning.… Read More