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On figs and not forgetting

There was death in Fes. And figs. It was the summer of 2013 and one moment I was sidestepping a mule moving crates of soda down another of Fes al Bali’s innumerable labyrinthine streets (one of Fes’ medinas–the typically walled “old city” characteristic to many North African cities–and thought… Read More

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Postcards from Japan, Day 2 | Kyoto

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Yokoso! (Day 1, Part I)

On the corner of 45th and 9th, down the street from the cherry cream scones at Amy’s Bread and in sight of an illuminated Al Hirschfeld’s bushy brow is my pocket of heaven. Is it their chocolate covered pretzel cookie, crusted with sea salt like a Dead Sea… Read More

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Postcards from Japan, Day 1 | Tokyo → Kyoto

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14 hours, 6 asleep

It was raining. After the concentrated sea of human and automotive traffic that had defined my time in China and Hong Kong, there was a certain strangeness (albeit a welcome one) to descending into the flat, pastoral landscape of Narita International Airport on February 7th. Aside from the… Read More

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One Night in [Mong] Kok…

And I was strongly considering a stint in the monastic life, not so much with making the world my oyster. This past January, my mum and I were in China for just shy of two weeks, the first and technically, primary stop of our three weeks abroad (truth be told,… Read More

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On a mission in The Mission

I am many things: a terrible singer (not that that stopped me from belting Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive” one year in a dingy Koreatown karaoke bar with the particular kind of zeal that comes with a handful of light-up tambourines, one too many cronuts, and… Read More